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Topics: Athletic shoe, Household income in the United States, Marketing Pages: 3 (1757 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning:
Reebok has been a market leader for many years in the sports shoes . It has been able to achieve it through its efficient and effective marketing strategies. Reebok used innovative strategies as per the consumer needs . Reebok segmented the market on the following parameters: Geography:

Reebok chose to operate on Pan country basis. where it segmented locations as per the consumers needs. The attribute requirement of the product in one region will be different from the other regions. Demographics

Age – Reebok has segmented its product range as per the age of the consumers. The requirements attributes like comfort level, design is different for different age groups. The primary focus is on the age group of 20-40 years. Gender – Initially the Reebok product range was primarily for men. It was because when Reebok entered India, the culture of women fitness was not that prevalent. But later it developed a variety of products as per the requirements of the women. Around 30 % of the sales of Reebok India come from the women’s segment. Income – On the basis of Income, Reebok has divided the market into lower income level group, mid income level group and high income level group. As per one of the initial Income segmentation strategy of Reebok, it divided the consumers as car owners and non-car owners. But this strategy also backfired because at that time many car users were not the car owners. Either they were using the company car or were using government car. So, it decided to segment the market on the basis of the earnings of the consumers. Psychogeaphic:

Reebok has mainly focused on the lifestyle of the consumers. Reebok had collaborated with fashion designer to design very high range shoes keeping in mind the high lifestyle of high-income consumers. Benefit sought:

Reebok shoes has placed itself such as the benefits perceived by the customers are multiple such as Reebok shoes are considered as...
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