Reducing Noise Pollution

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Reducing noise pollution.

Noise pollution occurs when noise reaches levels harmful to health and the public peace. The noise is an undesirable, or to man unpleasant sound. The intensity of sound is expressed in units of sound pressure, or decibels. A very low whisper is about 10 dB, while a conversation in a normal tone is about 60 db and the sound of a rock concert reaches about 100 db. The main sources of noise are:

means of transport such as cars, buses and motorcycles;
industrial activities;
machine shops;
loud speakers and sound cars;
horns, bells, whistles, pumps, etc.

One of the most effective ways to reduce noise pollution is to discipline the use and occupation of land, away from sources of receptor sites. The sound intensity decreases inversely with the square of distance from the source. as you move away double the noise source, the sound intensity decreases by half.

Therefore, an effective way to reduce the impact of noise pollution on human health is doing the disciplining of the use and occupation of a city, through the following: make zoning of the urban area, so that issuers of high sound intensity become adequately away from noise-sensitive; always check the predominant direction and wind speed; arrangement of buildings and the natural and artificial barriers and vegetations that were compact barriers, like clumps, have better attenuation.     

We can reduce noise pollution by controlling emission of noise, which can be done: through upgrading of equipment in order to reduce the noise produced by them. Ie designing quieter equipment; maintenance of lubrication, bearings and axle alignment equipment, and antivibration holders; isolation of noise sources: walls with materials that prevent the propagation of sound (acoustic insulation), dampers and noise; Boxes are smoke dampers that reduce sound up to 10 decibels; Regulation of vehicle engines.

disciplining of hours of operation of noisy equipment....
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