Noise Pollution

Topics: Linear regression, Regression analysis, City Pages: 6 (1870 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Abstract. Traffic related noise pollution accounts for nearly two-third of the total noise pollution in an urban area. Noise, a by product of urbanization, industrialization and motorization, is increasingly recognized as an environmental nuisance that effects human health and wellbeing. Traffic noise on existing urban road- ways lowers the quality of life and property values for persons residing near these urban corridors Surat is now the tenth largest city of India having an estimated population of 40 lakhs plus at present. An inconceivable population growth rate of 76.02 % was observed in the last decade as a result of rapid industrialization. Surat is well known as diamond city and is also famous for silk and jari industry. Owing to its rapid industrialization and better job opportunities, observation is made for the migration from all over India and particularly from Orissa, U.P., M.P., Bihar and Rajasthan. Due to explosion of population and rapid industrialization the transportation in the city increased to un- imaginary heights, but due to the want of efficient Mass Transit System, individual vehicular growth also touched escalating heights. As on 31-12-2006, the vehicles registered at R.T.O. is 13 lakhs plus. This is equivalent to the highest growth rate of Delhi. Thus the explosion of population, rapid industrialization and highest growth rate in vehicle population made the traffic problems complicated. This research paper highlights the noise pollution study carried out on three of the busiest urban corridors of Surat city.

1. Introduction

Due to urbanization, there is a huge increase in the vehicular population on the urban corridors. In India, transportation demand in urban areas continues to increase rapidly as a result of both population growth and changes in travel patterns. During the first decade of the 21st century only, the urban areas in the country confront a historic transportation crisis that has become a planning war against increasing mobility gridlock and noise pollution. Due to absence of a good, convenient and efficient public transport system in urban areas, there has been a need to develop the major corridors of the cities. Traffic related noise pollution accounts for nearly two-third of the total noise pollution in an urban area. Traffic noise on existing urban road-ways lowers the quality of life and property values for person residing in vicinity of these urban corridors. Thus, the study of road traffic noise in big cities is an important issue. Due to limited availability of land resources and finances, many highways and important roads are in the residential and commercial areas. Hence there will be some adverse and environmental effects including psychological and physiological effects to those living to proximity of these corridors. The recognition of road traffic noise as one of the main sources of environmental pollution has led to develop models that enable to predict noise level from fundamental variables. Traffic noise prediction models are required as aids for urban corridors and highways. In addition, sometimes these models are used in the assessment of existing or envisaged changes in traffic noise conditions. So the present study was carried out to analyze the present state of noise pollution in three major corridors of the Surat city and to develop a linear regression model to analyze the corridors and to suggest proper measures to reduce the noise within permissible limits.

2. Study Area Profile

In India, geographical point of view Surat city is 260 km north of Mumbai city and 224 km south of Ahmedabad city. On map it is located at Latitude 210o 12' N, Longitude 72o 52'E near bank of river Tapi. Surat is a city located on the western part of India in the state of Gujarat. It is one of the most dynamic cities of India with one of the fastest growth rate due to immigration from various parts of Gujarat and other states of India. Surat is now the tenth...
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