red storm rising

Topics: Russia, United States, World War II Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: April 16, 2014


The book I chose for this book report was Red Storm Rising. It is by Tom Clancy, who is a pretty well-known author, and is 656 pages. It is a book about the Soviet Union and Russia's attempt to overtake the Atlantic so they can launch an offensive against the United States and some other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries like England and Germany. The story begins in 1980 at a very productive but old, Soviet oil refinery in Nizhnevartovsk. The refinery is blown up by Islamic terrorists that hope to be 'heard' by their God Allah by committing this violent action. There are fuel shortages all over Moscow and other cities as well in Russia. The destruction of the refinery leads Russia into chaos with a much smaller supply of oil. Russian decides to take action against the terroristic act. The story escalates as the Russian army makes a push on Iraq to gain control over the oil fields to setup refineries since Islamic terrorist were the ones who destroyed theirs. Also, they push an attack on Iceland. Conquering Iceland is an important step because this allows the Russians to reach farther into the Atlantic and possibly into North America with their aircraft, the Russian air force. The Russian's want for land control is a big one and they are desperate for more resources and materials to manage more wars. The Soviet Union soon decides that to gain land it to gain ultimate power, the Russian military must first destroy or hurt NATO forces and start the worst non-nuclear war imaginable. This book is different than most because the story is told through many different character's points of view, so you see how different people who took part in the war saw it. Tom Clancy tells the story through eyes of NATO and Russian naval captains who command both surface and underwater boats. Most of the character's actions...
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