Red from Green

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Red from Green by Maile Meloy
Being a teenager, growing up, is not easy. There are a lot of things to think about and many feelings to relate to. You have to make some decisions and that is not always easy either, even if they sound easy. A decision could be what to wear for a party or it could be bigger decisions that will have influence on your life.

The story, Red from Green, is mainly set on the river and in the woods beside it, where Sam, her father, her uncle Harry and one of her uncle’s clients called Layton are on a float trip. It is set in July and the weather is hot and sunny. However in the end of the story we are at home with Sam and her father.

Sam Turner, the main character in Red from Green, is a fifteen year old girl, who lives alone with her father, because her mother died when she was young. She is going to be a sophomore in the fall and her father gave her the idea of applying to a boarding school, where she has been admitted, but Sam is not completely sure whether she wants to accept the offer or not. It is a very difficult decision for her to make. In the summer she goes on a float trip with her father, Harry and Layton. On this float trip Sam experiences something she has not tried before. Layton shows some interest in her, and that is very new to her and she does not really like it. He is, after all, a grown man. Sam’s father is absent a few times on the float trip. He leaves Sam alone with Layton, and that gives Layton the possibility to show this interest in Sam. It hurts Sam that her father abandons her, and when they get home, she decides to accept the offer and go to the boarding school.

Sam and her father’s relationship evolve through the story. In the beginning it is okay but they do not really talk that much with each other. Sam’s father is not really there and he leaves her alone with Layton which she dislikes, and it makes her a bit angry at her father. As the story continues their relationship does not improve much....
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