Red Bull Report

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Strategic Brand Management

Group paper

Red Bull

Building Brand Equity in Non-Traditional Ways
Marcin Dubinski 24768; Stella Smejda 24518

Damian Bukowinski 25478; Michal Kaminski 24510


Academic Year 2012/2013

Semester: Fall

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Question 1: Describe Red Bull’s sources of brand equity. Do these sources change depending on the market or country?

- strong marketing strategy The brand uses traditional media channels, but more important has been the role of word of mouth marketing, playing on associations with energy, danger and youth culture. The brand Red bull engaged in “pre-marketing” to establish awareness in markets its product was not yet sold. Pre –marketing contained sponsoring events in country where Red bull was not available. These things were helpful to build brand awareness on the whole world. Those kind of tactics caused that Red Bull brand is recognized in each part of world.

- Target market Red bull did not specified target market in respect of demographic or physical segment. They focused on customer needs, so in a result they reached numerous markets. As a result they can sell products in a lot of segments.

- Product, Price Positioning The company has created drink with caffeine, taurine and glucuronolactone and sugar, vitamins which it has broad features such as improves physical endurance or increase mental alertness. Generally the positioning of company was revitalize body and mind. It is very broad positioning so customer can buy products for many reasons. Red Bulls positions the product above 10% of the upper-segment of the competition in order to create the mindset of the premium brand. Red Bull's brand equity is proven to be strong because consumers are willing to pay for the brand's equity premium.

In Austria Red Bull used Red Bull to create awareness for the product. The Red Bull product was available to buy in place such as bars, and clubs, convenience stores. The company gave better access to product for segment of people who knew about Red Bull. In this way company created potential customer.

In the United Kingdom strategic marketing was different than in Austria. The Red Bull focused on billboards rather than electronic media. In a consequence company was considered a failure. The distributed product in supermarkets and convenience outlet.

In the U.S., Red Bull company adopted a “cell”. The focused on distribution in night clubs bars, health clubs, gyms, convenience sports and grocery chains. Moreover they encouraged people by promotions and branded car. They used very public marketing strategy.

Changes depending on market or country

o Red Bull employs the same marketing strategy in every new market, so many sources of equity remain consistent across markets

o Major consumption occasions depend on market

o Importance of sports events depend on market

Question 2: Analyze Red Bull’s marketing program in terms of how it contributes to the brand’s equity. Discuss strengths and weaknesses?

Sports Events


Attractiveness for audience and media



Limited audience

Point-of –Purchase- Marketing


Ensure quality and personalization

Prevent clutters of promotion tools


Limited space in retail outlet.

- Highly integrated, all marketing efforts consistent with fundamental promise of efficacy

- Limited availability at time of launch builds buzz awareness, also highly targeted in terms of user imagery

- Advertising mainly awareness, but some image component in terms of conveying consumption occasion and humor

- Sports...
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