Red Bull Cola Postioning

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Red Bull Cola Positioning Recommendation
Rebrand Red Bull Cola and market to Baby Boomers.
The new all-natural formulation of Red Bull Cola addresses concerns Baby Boomers have regarding the contents of Red Bull. Even though Boomers grew up with, and like, their existing cola brands, they are becoming concerned about the health effects of some of the recent ingredient changes in those colas such as: high-fructose corn syrup versus sugar, phosphoric acid versus citric acid, and artificial versus natural colors. A new product line based off of Red Bull Cola (tentatively named “Boom!”) will be developed with a completely new brand name, and product packaging (easy-to-hold easy-open cans, etc.). If possible, other natural “enhancing” additives might be considered, such as gingko biloba or ginseng. There are no all natural performance enhancing colas in this market segment already, Red Bull could capitalize on being the first mover in this area.

Red Bull Cola Creative Brief
Target Market
Baby Boomers aged 43 - 65
Red Bull’s original market segment is saturated with competition. At the moment, the oldest of the Generation Z cohort currently 16 years old, too young to be marketed to without upsetting parent groups. Baby Boomers have already been tested for product receptiveness, and we have the research results. We know the Baby Boomers are getting concerned about the effects of aging. They feel young even though their body is starting to betray them. Boom! can take the market position of being a performance enhancing drink for adult activities. Messages

• Boom! is healthy
• Boom! enhances your body’s abilities, but is not a traditional energy drink Media Requirements
Baby Boomers are still using traditional media (newspapers, magazines, and TV), but as many of them advanced their careers they have started to enjoy leisure activities (golf, travel, etc.) so they are reachable with nontraditional media too. but haven’t...
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