Recruiting Plan for Hospital Pharmacist for Small Town

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I interviewed XXXXXXXX and , Senior Recruiter for XXXXXXX. XXXXXXX is a relatively young start up organization. In the six years since it’s founding, XXXXXXX tripled in size in its first three years and continues to expand. XXXXXXX is an information technology consulting firm and design Cloud computing platforms and applications for their clients. Some well known clients include Starbucks, Facebook, Stanford University and Dell. XXXXXXX is headquarters in San Francisco, California and has office throughout the United States and is expanding into Europe. XXXXXXX has been with XXXXXXX since July of 2012. Prior to XXXXXXX, she was with Aprimo, another IT consulting firm as a recruiter for almost two years.

XXXXXXX recruits for various positions with XXXXXXX, mostly full time hires (direct placement) that are technical in nature. She recruits software developers and from time to time, finance and accounting personnel. Recent college graduates may also get to speak with XXXXXXX about associate consultant positions that she is trying to fill as well. She travels quite a bit throughout Indiana and every quarter, she travels to San Francisco for a client there. Appriro is looking to expand into the Midwest market due to more technical positions moving to the area. Positions that she finds difficult to recruit for are software developers. These positions are high in demand and trying to find people who have certain experience or skills needed can be challenging. Also, the turnover rate for developers is not high either. Most developers are not always seeking another opportunity, so trying to persuade a candidate that they should leave a familiar setting to go elsewhere can be a tough bill of sale as well. The easiest positions for XXXXXXX are marketing jobs. With these positions, someone who just graduated from college can fill them. In general with marketing, there are more graduates than there are job openings. With Managerial positions, she says it mainly revolves around finding the person with the right personality and management style for the job, especially in the technology field.

XXXXXXX says that employee referrals are very helpful in recruiting candidates. They are more likely to be selected and are often successful because the current employee who referred them has their reputation on the line and not likely to refer an undesirable candidate. Job boards, such as Career Builder, are rarely, if never, used. Job boards overwhelm XXXXXXX with candidate searches because a large number of obviously unqualified applicants flood her inbox with resumes. XXXXXXX uses a LinkedIn Recruiter account to source for candidates as well. She uses various groups on LinkedIn and other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to find candidates. She states that most of the time, you can find passive candidates just by posting a job opening in a user group and generate interest. LinkedIn in particular is one of the top tools XXXXXXX uses for recruiting. In the past, some of the most creative advertising uses included billboards on I-465, radio advertisements on NPR and even t-shirts. What determines what avenues to use to drum up more applicants is mainly cost and target audience.

XXXXXXX doesn’t use any upfront testing with applicants, however, there is testing should an applicant be selected for a position. What kinds of testing and checks used is dependent on the job it self. A very basic sales force exercise test is used for consultant positions, along with a basic critically thinking exercise. Criminal background and past employment verifications are used. Financial information such as a credit report are only used when necessary, such as being in a position that handles a company’s finances.

Interviews are usually in states. Initially, a 15-20 minute phone interview is conducted to determining basic qualifications are met and if...
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