Tanglewood Case 3

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Miriam Garcia
Tanglewood Case
Week 3

Tanglewood Case Study 3: Recruiting

Recruitment Guide

Position: Sales Associate
Reports to: Shift Leader
Qualifications: All are welcome to apply
Relevant Labor Market: Pacific Northwest
Timeline: None
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
Newspaper Advertising
Job Fairs
College Career Fairs
Job Posting on Company Website
Employee Referrals
Staff Members Involved: HR Recruiting Manager, Shift Leader, Department Manager Budget: $3,000 - $5,000

Job Targets

Based on the available positions, the targets for this recruiting campaign are candidates who are currently in high school, fresh out of high school and current college students. The reason for this, there is a large hiring pool when it comes to students in high school and coming out of high school especially for summer jobs. The target for current college students is due to the fact that college graduates are less likely to accept such an entry level position as their aim is to get into management. As mentioned before, those candidates are not willing to put in the “time” prior to getting to a management position and would rather look for a career path within their degree field.

Based on prior experience (my personal experience recruiting at work), for a targeted type of recruitment referrals and staffing agencies are the methods that seem more targeted. Further detail below:

Media: Media advertising will give exposure to all types of candidates, from experienced to non-experienced. Jobs can be advertised in all sorts of places from newspaper ads to job postings online on job sites like Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com. The down side to this type of advertisement is that it involves quite a bit of leg work to weed thru the multitude of applications that come thru.

Referrals: Referrals can be targeted, as you can advise your current employees of what you are looking for and offer some type of “finder’s fee” for any solid referral that gets hired. The important piece in this is that the employees need to enjoy coming to work in order to have someone else come join them. External referrals work great as well, networking with people outside of the organization could get some great candidates.

Kiosk: This type of recruitment works great when recruiters need to meet with a large number of candidates. Kiosks at job fairs bring a “one on one” feel to things and candidates can come and ask about a job prior to applying for it. Recruiters can get a feel for the candidates prior to setting up interviews with them as well. Usually at job fairs, all types of candidates come to see what positions are available and what they are interested in doing.

State Job Services: With state job services you can try and target a specific type of candidate, however from past experience, the candidate pool at state job services can be quite large as all types of people go there to try and find a job. The pools can be large but they are targeted based on specific areas, so if the goal is to target candidates from a certain area, then this would be the type of recruiting method one would use.

Staffing Agency: Staffing agencies have their pros and their cons. One major con is that they can be quite expensive as they cost of finding a fitting candidate is passed onto the company. Another con that I have seen is that these employees can take a job for granted as it is thru a “staffing agency” and they could be “dropped” at any time. However, if you can get past those cons and based on the quality of the agency, you can get some really good candidates brought into the company.

Based on the above, I would say that the most targeting method would be referrals. I think these tend to target possible candidates that are a lot like employees that are currently employed. Not only that but even with external referrals you can say exactly what you are looking for and...
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