Record Keeping

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record keeping
What is recordkeeping?
Recordkeeping is the making and maintaining of complete, accurate, reliable evidence of business transactions. Why is recordkeeping important?
Good business requires good recordkeeping. In competitive business environments and strict accountability structures, it is vital that organisations have the evidence and information they need to drive and support their business operations. -------------------------------------------------

What are recordkeeping systems
Recordkeeping systems are business information systems capable of: * capturing
* maintaining and
* providing access
Recordkeeping systems are knowledgeable systems.
Recordkeeping systems do not just have to manage records - they can perform other business functions as well. Having the capacity to capture, maintain and provide access to records is however crucial. Components of recordkeeping systems

Recordkeeping systems are not simply software applications designed to manage records. They are an organised collections of: * people
* policies
* procedures
* tools
* technology
* ongoing supporting education, and
* maintenance.
Definition of 'tools'
Tools in a recordkeeping system are recordkeeping instruments - disposal schedules, thesauri, access and security classification schemes etc - designed to help you manage and control your records through time. This manual contains guidance on creating and implementing these tools - see Doing your DIRKS Project for advice. Benefits of recordkeeping systems

Recordkeeping systems that are based on a sound understanding of an organisation's business environment, legal needs and organisational requirements provide substantial benefits. Recordkeeping systems:

* support better performance of business activities and better decision making throughout organisations * enable organisations to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements * protect the...
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