Reasons Why Parents Should Read Aloud with Children

Topics: Reading, Dyslexia, Learning disability Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Reasons Why Parents Should Read Aloud to Children

One of the greatest gifts that a parent can bestow upon a child is the gift of literacy. Reading is a wonderful pastime, and the key to unlocking many academic puzzles. Parents should read aloud to children as part of a regular routine, one that can be thoroughly enjoyed by both parties. Firstly, reading aloud to children poses the benefit of being quality time spent together. Parents need to have special time with their children, and reading to them is a great method for achieving this goal. Instead of plunking the children down in front of the television, sit them down on your lap and open up a book. As you begin to read to your children, marvel at their attention to detail, and use every opportunity to test their memory and knowledge. While reading, stop frequently and relate the story to an aspect of their everyday life. This will help them to see the correlation between themselves and their environment. While you are enjoying the quality time with your children as you read aloud, you will also be fostering a love of reading that transcends boundaries. Learning to love books at a young age will enhance the children’s desire to be an avid reader as they mature. A love of literature can take a child to unfathomable heights, allowing them to soar to faraway lands of make believe. Children that are read aloud to may use their creativity and imagination more often, building their different levels of intelligence. Being read aloud too can help them see the world, giving them an idea of their place in the world.

Another great reason why parents should read aloud to children is to enhance their vocabulary skills. The parent should ensure that they read every word in a story verbatim, never glossing over words that they deem difficult. Children need to hear new words, and need to be explained to their meaning. This will boost their communicative skills. A child with a mastery of vocabulary will be able to orate...
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