Reasearch on Indian Movie Market

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List of Tables
1. Table 1: Demographic & General Information of Respondents6 2. Table 2: Frequency of watching movies of the respondents7 3. Table 3: Preference Of Movies8
4. Table 4: Medium Of Language For Hollywood Movies8
5. Table 5: Preference of Genre for Hollywood Movies9
6. Table 6: Criteria of Respondents for Selecting A Hollywood Movie10 7. Table 7: Preference Of Hall For Hollywood Movies10
8. Table 8: Preference for Duration of Hollywood Movies11 9. Table 9: Preference of Movies with respect to 3D /2D11 10. Table 10: Preference for Bollywood movies in 3D12
11. Table 11: Satisfaction of the 3D Experience for the Price of the Ticket12

List of Figures
1. Figure 1: Preference of watching movies7
2. Figure 2: Preference Of Movies8
3. Figure 3: Preference of Genre for Hollywood Movies9
4. Figure 4: Preference for choice of movies based upon10 5. Figure 5: Preference for movies with respect to 3D or 2D11 6. Figure 6:Preference of Hindi movies in 3D12

In this era of cut throat competition, no movie maker can survive in the market place without knowing its movie’s strengths and weaknesses. It has to fortify (strengthen) itself against threats from its competitors and exploit its creativity for increasing profits. In order to do so, the movie makers have to conduct regular surveys to know the customer’s opinions, needs, and preferences. This helps the movie makers to produce the movie according to customer’s expectations.

The expanding Indian market, the growing size of the middle class and the rise in aspirations of the youth along with the opening up of the Indian economy have collectively influenced the Indian cinema market. Hollywood is no longer a pushover for the Indian film trade. Despite the overwhelming popularity of Bollywood, English films are bigger than ever in the Indian multiplexes. With rising number of Hollywood and 3D movies dominating the screens, the Indian cinema viewer could not have asked for anything more. The shift towards Hollywood movies is suddenly discernable and the segment is expected to grow in near future.In fact, the Indian cinema market has risen tremendously in the past 3-4 years and the craze for action and animated movies is at an all-time high. Trying to catch up with this, movie makers are busy working out on customer preferences. The customer is the basic ingredient of marketing. The development of marketing strategy is based on understanding of consumer and their behavior. The present study attempts to understand the behavior of consumer for their choice in watching movies. The competition is very high and so many choices are available to customers. Here it has been attempted to find out the level of customer satisfaction regarding movies available and also what modification do they desire in the movies produced.

Chapter 2
Review of Literature
Farokh T. Balsara and John Nendick from Ernst and Young conducted a study in the Year 2010 on “Spotlight on India’s entertainment economy” their findings were India’s growing middle class, rising disposable incomes, high volume of content consumption and conducive regulatory environment hold significant potential for foreign investments across all segments of the M&E industry. In order to succeed in India, it is necessary for companies to understand and adapt to economic and cultural nuances and invest in content and services tailored for the local market. Global companies need to thoroughly assess the market and distribution channels to price content appropriately and adopt different strategies to serve the several internal markets that exist in the country. While M&E companies operating in emerging markets like India continue to be exposed to risks ranging from local competition, fraud, corruption and piracy, ongoing structural and regulatory reforms and the...

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Appendix A
Questionnaire to elicit Information on
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