Ready to Eat Food Industry

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In today’s competitive world the practical study forms an important part in each and every professional course. The MBA is a course in which the theoretical knowledge is backed by the practical study. That study is in the form of different projects which are undertaken during the MBA course. Here we have done a project on a READY TO EAT FOOD INDUSTRY as a part of MARKETING RESEARCH INFORMATION SYSTEM course. The current situation is made known to the students when they undertake the project. The project gives better insides into the application part of the theory. The companies in an industry and their operations can be better known by the students when they analyse the data, and prepare the project.

This project is on the study of READY TO EAT FOOD market of India. We have done analysis based on the primary data (which are collected through survey & personal interview) and secondary data (which are collected from different sources like internet, magazines, and reports of different Government agencies).

This project also includes the current news on ready to eat food and also includes the details of the first international conference in India on READY TO EAT FOOD industry.

To study the market of Ready to Eat food.
To determine the factors affecting the purchase decision of Ready to Eat Food. To understand the consumption pattern of Ready to Eat Food. To analyse the competition among different brands.

As the project is undertaken as a part of MARKETING RESEARCH INFORMATION SYSTEM subject, the time limit taken to complete the project is the Two months.


1. Questionnaire.
2. Personal Interview.
1. Internet
2. Magazines.
3. Companies’ Brochure.
SAMPLING TECHNIQUE Convenience Sampling.
LOCATION FOR SURVEY- Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

As no project is possible without any limitations, our project and survey is also bounded by some limitations of which few major limitations are as follows:

The project was the part of MRIS Subject and hence the time duration to carry out the project. The project was restricted to some selected study areas of READY TO EAT FOOD industry. The respondents have been selected by convenience; hence they might not be perfect representative of the analysis. The research depends on the data obtain from secondary sources. Thus it authenticity of the report depends on the authenticity of the source of data.. The analysis also depends on the respondent’s answer and thus might differ from actual situation.

The food industry is on a high as Indians continue to have a feast. Fuelled by what can be termed as a perfect ingredient for any industry large disposable incomes the food sector has been witnessing a marked change in consumption patterns. Increasing incomes are always accompanied by a change in the food basket, says an ICRA report, which analyses food expenditure patterns over the last three decades in India. The report observes that the proportionate expenditure on cereals, pulses, edible oil, sugar, salt and spices declines as households climb the expenditure classes in urban India while the opposite happens in the case of milk and milk products, meat, egg and fish, fruits and beverages. For instance, the proportionate expenditure on staples (cereals, grams, pulses) declined from 45 per cent to 44 per cent in rural India while the figure settled at 32 per cent of the total expenditure on food in urban India. A large part of this shift in consumption is driven by the processed food market, which accounts for 32 per cent of the total food market. It accounts for Rs 1,280 billion (US$29.4 billion), in a total estimated market of Rs 3,990 billion (US$91.66 billion). The popularity of READY TO EAT food packs and the...
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