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Scott Morton
ESP 504 Theories of Reading
Best Teaching Practices
Dr. Sunday Obi
Kentucky State University

There are many different ways to affectively exercise best practices for reading and writing. I have researched and discovered that there are many strategies that can be used to promote them. One writing idea is establishing a positive writing atmosphere for learning.

By establishing a positive writing atmosphere for learning provides students with the feeling they are a part of a community of people supporting each other in developing as writers, readers, and thinkers. It’s almost as important as organization. Organization for writing refers to planning the curriculum as well as the classroom activities and routines, practices established to help student develop as writers (and usually as readers and learners in a study area). You may also need arrangement for writing.

Arranging for ‘meaningful-to-students’ reasons to write is addressed also in the discussion of organizing for writing. The assignment or the way students are led to write is a critical influence on their “will” to write and, thus, on their development as writers. Arranging for students to read, respond to, and use a variety of materials written for a variety of purposes and audiences is important to recognize that the experience of reading is a key way to help students gain familiarity with the ways writers work.

Also, writing regularly across the curriculum and grade levels may include different kinds of writing to help their students. For example, writing-to-learn practices like learning logs, response journals, quick writes, etc.; writing to demonstrate learning to the teacher, such as essays, reports, and responses to prompts; and writing in realistic forms for authentic purposes and readers.

Arranging comes into play once again for students to have constructive responses to their writing and offer responses to other writers (classmates,...
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