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Topics: Food, Cook, Restaurant Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Practice Assignment
(Answers in bold Blue)
Points possible: 20

Date: 06 November 2013

Read the passage, and then answer the questions below. Each question is worth 5 points.

Taste of Success
Actions speak louder than words. That is what English chef Jamie Oliver believes. Talking about how to make fine food was not enough. He wanted to open a restaurant. Saying that all young people can succeed was not enough, either. He wanted to give them a way to do it.

Oliver named his restaurant Fifteen for the 15 young people from the streets who would work there. The restaurant became a kind of school. The chef taught his "students" all about fine food. He took them on field trips to buy fresh food. Then he showed how to cook it and how to serve it.

The young chefs-in-training had not had easy lives. Some were without families or homes. Others fought drug problems. Many of them had lost hope. Oliver wanted to change that. His goals were to inspire the young people with food and to give them the skills they needed to succeed.

That was 2002. Today, Fifteen is a huge success. It is no longer one restaurant but four. New crews of chefs-in-training continue to be inspired. And while not all of them go on to become chefs, at Fifteen they all have a taste of success. Multiple-Choice Questions (1 point each)

1. What is this passage mostly about?
a. The skills a person needs to be a chef
b. The kind of food served at a restaurant
c. A group of students who opened a restaurant
d. A chef who is helping young people to succeed

2. Which paragraph is mostly about the skills that the young chefs learn? a. Paragraph 1
b. Paragraph 2
c. Paragraph 3
d. Paragraph 4

3. Why did Oliver name his restaurant Fifteen?
a. It was his 15th restaurant.
b. His chefs are 15 years old.
c. Fifteen young people work there.
d. He was 15 when he became a chef.

4. Which of these is one of Oliver's goals?
a. To inspire young people with food
b. To get young...
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