Reading Among Students

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Reading Among Students 
 Reading Among StudentsByAbdullah I. Al FaifiIntroductionReading in general is a big word that branches into so many topics. Nations advancement is based on education which includes reading as a main part of its elements. Therefore, whenever a nation wants to advance, reading must be one of its characteristics. Reading is not dedicated to certain people indeed. It is a gift for anyone can read and understand as well. But, there are places where reading must take place. In schools, it is expected that reading is a duty. Unfortunately, what is expected opposes the reality although there are few students do read. Then, we have two parties of students through which this research would survey its general topic. It is very strange to find people who have to read as one of their jobs; nevertheless, they even do not think to do. In specific levels, it is quite common that the majority of students do not read. Of course, such status did not happen haphazardly. There must be different reasons related to the main question why do not students read? On the other hand, there is a few numbers of those who read. Meanwhile, there are different stimulants urge them to read. Such students might read either outside reading which is in areas has nothing to do with their courses in the school or inside reading which means reading for studying. This particular point needs a practical answer given by the students themselves.  As far as this research is concerned with students in the first rate, I will give priority to students themselves in some of my references. Simultaneously, I will not ignore books, articles, websites and other resources. As it is clear above, reading process is complicated area. Theorists always emphasize that whenever reading and studying become a kind of pleasure, everything will go smoothly. Almini, E. (2006) asserts that "one of the objectives is that students should take pleasure in reading in their free-time" (P.6). This issue would be covered supported with convincing solutions. So, reading among students based upon so many questions, issues and problems are going to discuss is the central idea. This study would include questioning, interviewing, examining, investigating, quoting and finally analyzing so that a reader would receive a perfect view from which he can deal with this issue from various perspectives.                                                                                       Literature ReviewI found many writings deal with such issue in details from different points of view although August, G. (2006) cited that "…it is surprising that there is little concrete research devoted to the development of good reading comprehension for adult readers" (P.246). Certainly, I disagree with August because I found many articles for different people from different countries in Arabic and in English discussing reading among students from which I came up with different questions will be mostly the main bases of this work. Below, I am going to investigate the challenges that reading process faces among students beginning with reasons and finally ending with solutions. First of all, we must look for the reasons that cause ignoring reading process. In this area Mohandes, A. (2007) asks "are the expensive prices of books blocks the way of buying books?" (Riyadh News Paper). Mostly this is the main reason that many people agreed upon. Anyhow, I would examine it in a next section and we will see if it is really valid.   Since students and schools are my main concern, I have to pay more attention to the process of reading in schools as long as it is a mere duty for them. As one of the main reasons behind neglecting reading in schools, the American author Stotsky, S. (2006) claims that "they also tell us that across grade levels, graphic organizers are least useful for elementary students as opposed to university population, result in little gain in student comprehension when used as a pre-reading...

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