Rational for Lesson Plans in Teaching

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I wanted to format my two lessons plans in a similar fashion even though one focused on reading and the other focused on writing. I broke the lessons up into three parts each. By having a “pre” section before the students began working on the main focus of the lesson, the students would be prepared for the task they needed to complete. The “pre” section focuses on the key vocabulary for the day and the teacher would also outline both the language and content objectives for the day so the students knew what the goal of the lesson was. The “pre” section also incorporates skills that are useful for all subjects, such as the use of graphic organizers or knowing how to look up words in a dictionary.

During the lesson, I wanted to make sure that the students had many opportunities for interaction between each other and with the teacher. This is why I incorporated group work and had the teacher walking around to monitor and also having her provide models for the students. When the students are given opportunities for interaction, they can learn from each other and help each other with challenging subjects. This will be both beneficial for the students who are helping and the students who are learning. The one who is helping will grow stronger in their understanding of the material because they have to explain it in a way that is comprehensible to the other students. Because the students themselves know what makes concepts easier to understand, the students who are struggling will learn the concepts in a different way than the teacher would express them.

Throughout the lessons, I also tried to incorporate the different language skills even though there was one skill in particular that was focused upon. For example, during the reading lesson, the students had to practice their speaking skills because they will have to discuss questions with their fellow classmates and answer questions the teacher poses. They will also focus on writing at the end because...
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