approaches and materials in a lesson planning.

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Approaches and materials in a lesson plan.

After a brief group discussion, our group had decided to create a lesson plan for Year Four KSSR pupils with advance proficiency. The main skill to focus is the fourth skill in KSSR Curriculum Specification which is language arts – Contemporary Children’s Literature. As it is impossible to teach using only one skill, we integrated the lesson plan with Listening & Speaking and Reading skills in order to produce a good lesson plan. The Content Standard is by the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poem and songs. The learning standards taken from the Curriculum Specification are pupils will be able to enjoy jazz chants, poems and songs through non-verbal responses and able to sing and recite jazz chants and poem with correct stress pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. By designing this lesson plan, we are looking forward to achieve several objectives so that pupils are able to enjoy and appreciate poem with non-verbal responses and recite the poem with correct stress, pronunciation and intonation.

There are several materials need to be prepared before conducting this lesson plan. The materials chose are according to the activities we plan. Some of the materials are the realia of foods such as apples, oranges, a bowl of soup, chips, bubble gum and cereal, some word cards, black cloth and boxes. These materials are essential in order to attract pupils attention and to have an alive, fun lesson. Our group members decided to use realia because it is proven that realia can be really powerful. The main advantage of using real objects into the classroom is to make the learning experience more memorable for the learner. To give a couple of simple examples, if we are going to teach vocabulary of fruit and vegetables it can be much more affective for students if they can touch, smell and see the objects at the same time as hearing the new word. This would appeal to a wider...
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