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Topics: Palliative care, Grief, Health care Pages: 3 (395 words) Published: October 7, 2014
NURS 242
Winter, 2011
My first resource that I would recommend or refer a grieving person would be Seattle Widowed Support Site. This site provides information on Grief Support Services in the Seattle area. This site is specifically designed to provide support to younger population, who are dealing with grief and not the end-of-life issues. This site would be a great source for the family members who have lost a spouse/partner, sibling or parent. What services are offered?

The Healing Center provides grief support groups and individual counseling for adults, children and families. This particular center also provides a safe, supportive, confidential, and nurturing environment for people who are struggling with loss. How a person would access the resource.

This Healing Center is located @:
6409 ½ Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone # (206)523-1206
Fax # (206)523-1808
It also can be found on line @ www.healingcenteerseattle.org/contact/ 24 hour crisis line is also available @ (206) 461-3222.
My evaluation of the resource: why is this good option?
I think this is a good source for younger population because it provides variety of group session for different age group, and it also provides grief support for individuals as well as for the group counseling.

My second resource would be Growth House Ink. This website provides education about life-threatening illness and end of life care. This particular resource helps people to improve their quality of life at the end of their life and provide them with grief support system. What services are offered?

Their support system is designed to educate people through global professional collaboration about their grieving process. The website provides free access to education materials about EOL care, palliative medicine, and hospice care. It also provides educational material for both general public and health care professionals. How a person would access the resource?

This resource can be access through...
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