Random drug testing

Topics: Wage, Minimum wage, Employment Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Larry Tipton
Ms. K Amaya
English IV
20 April 2014

Child Labor should be outlawed

Child Labor is continued because there's a lack of education and poverty affects the lives of many people and because of that children have to help out with providing with their families. Children are being forced to work and they are not able to get an education throughout the process, children have no reason to work long hours for work but not for school. According to Merriam Webster poverty means “the state of being extremely poor” some children have no choice but to help their parents because how the economy in today’s society (Merriam Webster). Child labor refers to children working for extremely low wages, they are not able to complete their education and they are living in poverty with their families. Children work for low wages because they have to help with family finances, and some children don’t know about salary in the workplace. Child labor comes in because children are not been treated right in the working environment. Children are blinded just because they get a little money in their pockets, and they need to know that they are being cheated out of their money. While children is working long hours they do not even make the amount that is consider minimum wage in the united states when they could be putting long hours into their education. In today’s society children education level is very low do to child labor because children focus on work and not hard enough on school. Some children have no choice to be educated because they have to help support their family. Child labor keeps children from doing well in school and that results to failure. Children don’t understand that they can’t work minimum wage all there life, they will need an education to go further in life to have a good job that pays more. If child labor continue child will be very poor when they get older and that causes poverty in the world. “The children working in these coalmines come from...
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