Raising Driving Age to 18

Topics: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: March 4, 2007
The April 22, 2005 newspaper article is headlined, Teenager Dies in Crash, in Knoxville, Tennessee: just another victim of inexperienced teenage driving who adds to the high statistics on casualties resulting from inefficient laws. According to the teen driving statistics that are provided by the insurance companies, 16 year-olds are three times more likely to die in a motor vehicle crash than individuals who fall within the range of the average age of all drivers. Therefore, I think the legal driving age should be raised to 18. One thing I've found is that it isn't necessarily the age, but that they are inexperienced. The driver's ed classes are also factors. The classes need to emphasis more on driving safely for the rest of your life. Although reckless teenage driving has recently resulted in couple tragic deaths, most teens are mature enough and knowledgeable of safety on the road. Safety and financial problems will get better by raising the legal driving age to 18.

I've researched about teens driving at the age of 16, and I found out that the deaths aren't from reckless driving alone, but also the drivers are inexperienced. I was reading the Times Herald-Record and the headline stated " Driver's ed need not to be just another 'goofy class' ". In driver's ed classes, they need to teach the kids not only about passing the driving test but also how to drive independently with confidence.To be able to achieve that goal, the teachers should tell the student more about their life experiences and what they have gone through. A confident driver is a better driver than someone who is scared and confused. When the driving age is raised to 18, one is more experienced with life and making decisions, with that one can drive much more safely and will not harm oneself or others around him. More importantly, when one drives at the age of 18, he can help himself financially since the cost of insurance is cheaper once he gets older.

Have you ever driven down the...
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