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Teen Driving

By Karan31600 Nov 15, 2010 528 Words
Driving: A Teenager’s Necessity
Have you ever questioned why young teens are allowed to drive, especially when they’re so reckless? Allowing teens to drive at such a young age is not all bad news. In many ways it benefits the teenager, the teenager’s parents, and people around them. Driving can be a privilege for all teenagers if they do it by the law. I think that the current driving age should not be raised, because it teaches teens responsibility, gets teens to places faster and easier, and will be beneficial for their friends and family.

Learning to have great responsibility, during teen years, is perfect to prepare teens for the future, if they are taking good care of the car. Although some drive recklessly and trash their cars, which then can lead into trouble, they can be pushed into the right direction once they learn their lesson. Fortunately, there are others who respect the law and will show great responsibility, when driving. A clean driving record will be a positive on a résumé, if that teenager wants to apply for a job in transportation. Taking care of the car, especially if it isn’t the teenager’s will be a task put on the teen that will prepare them for a more important task or job later on in life.

Being on time, when on a busy schedule for the day, is also very helpful to a teen. Perfect attendance is something colleges and jobs look at when they are considering to accept someone. When taking public or school buses, teenagers can be late because of the constant stops that have to be made. Although teens can get some sleep on buses, it can often become noisy and disruptive, defeating the whole purpose of trying to get a quick nap. On the other hand, when you are in a car, you can just drive straight there, without stopping and if that person is a little early, get some extra sleep before starting.

Being able to rely on yourself instead of others to take you places can relieve others of the responsibility. Parents who have tight work schedules might have to take a teen to community service, and might mess up their schedules, and probably will be unable to take them. With a license, teens can rely on themselves to drive them to work or community instead of asking parents. If friends need a lift to places and they can’t drive yet and have no one to ask, you would be able to drive them there. Having your license at a young age is convenient for everyone.

In conclusion, the driving age should not be raised: it is beneficial as long as teens drive responsibly. If you want to help change people’s negative views on this topic because of drunk teen drivers and reckless, loud teen drivers, you can be a leader and not follow your friends if they are going to do something dangerous with the car. Hopefully, if you persuade them enough, your friends can change their minds and do something safe and fun with the car and go somewhere else.

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