Raising Children in Two Different Cultures

Topics: Family, Extended family, Nuclear family Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Within Indian cultures, parents take the time they have to raise their children and this tend to have greater impact on their children’s lives in today’s world. American parents are more lenient when it comes to raising their children and result of this leads to the children becoming involve in some deviant behavior at times. While in the Indian culture the raising of children involves much bond and discipline, in the American culture, bonding and discipline has little impact of the raising of children.

In Indian cultures, the importance of family bonding, as well as values, help the child to grow up in a way that they can respect what they have. Indian families live in close villages or in extended families so there is the ability to bond with cousins, grandparents and other family members. Children who bond with extended family members will always have that extra loving so they will not feel neglected. In Indian cultures, the arrangement of marriages is done for their children; this happens so that parents can have control over what is happening in their children’s life. They learn to have a sense of appreciation and the desire to waste is less. They do not have a huge variety of clothing so they are learned to make adequate usage of what they own.

Within Indian cultures, parents use a form of authoritarian discipline in the raising of their children. Indian parents provide strict rules and regulations for their children. These children are not asked to do something, for example, their chores, they are told what they are suppose to do around the house. Indian children are not given the opportunity to make their own decisions. Indian parents decide what occupation their children will have and also where there will go to further their education. Indian children has little freedom of action or movement. These children usually have to go to temple when their parents tell them to and they do not display any form of dissatisfaction. When they are given the...
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