Raising Arizona

Topics: Nicolas Cage, Photographic lens, Photography Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: October 11, 2013
In the film Raising Arizona the use of framing, camera movement, and lens choice help to show the miserable conditions that the poor family lives in. Cinematography plays a big part in pulling this movie together. Every camera movement is perfected and framing perfected down to a T. The film starts out as the main character, Herbert, always ending up in jail. He ends up meeting the police officer who he ends up marrying. When they find out they cant have a child they are devastated and take someone elses child instead. The movie focuses on the fact that Ed and Herbert are poor and trying to make a better life for themselves in this comedy. Throughout the movie all three of the features, camera movement, framing, and lens choice, play a part showing all the scenery together and showing the audience what the audience is supposed to focus their attention to.

The author uses framing to display the setting of Raising Arizona. The framing of the film was square which means the movie will typically be a drama or comedy in this case. The angle is used a variety of different ways in this movie. When Herbert and Ed have a couple and their kids over the husband and Herbert have a conversation in the kitchen about kids. In mid conversation the camera view points downwards to show that the little child had been squirting Herbert in the crotch with a water gun. The characters know what is going on outside of the frame and it shows by the reaction on their face. This helps create an opinion about mise-en-scene by expressing a set of mind about how Herbert will feel about fatherhood and having kids.

The film uses camera movement by creating a mobile frame. An example of this would be when everyone is fighting for the baby towards the end of the movie. The biker is on his motorcycle and is chasing another character down to get the baby. The camera is in front of him and is very shaky. The camera shows a medium close up and has the audience go through the whole scene just...
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