Topics: Poetry, God, Debut albums, Imagination, Language / Pages: 3 (693 words) / Published: May 15th, 2012
Recently I read and enjoyed a poem called ‘Rainbow’ by John Agard which was about his view on how he saw the rainbow. He used his imagination to look at the rainbow in many ways. The poem was very effective because the poet used a lot of techniques such as colloquial language to invite us into his conversation. He applied these techniques to convey his ideas.

The metaphor “ one big smile across the sky “ is very effective because in the poets eyes it looks like one big smile, but to the ordinary eye it is just one big stripe. It looks like a smile because it is a curve in the sky with joyful bright colours through the rainbow, which brightens up the sky and makes me feel happy. It makes me feel as if God is using the rainbow to express him self to show how happy he is. John Agard made me look at the rainbow in a whole new way.

The use of dialect was really entertaining because John Agard’s tone is full of wonderment. “God got style the man got style” He is amazed at this because he would never suspect that God would make something more spectacular, looking at the rainbow everyone treasures the beauty of it. John Agard has such a vivid imagination because he looks at the rainbow at different views. The poet repeats this throughout the poem because he can’t stress enough how much style he has.

John Agard uses colloquial language, such as “when you see de rainbow” when he says “de” he is inviting us in to his conversation. He also uses more colloquial language “God know wha he is doing” the informal word there is “wha”. I like this because it feels like he is lecturing us about Gods amazing style. John Agard’s friendly chatty style encouraged me to also look at a rainbow in many different ways.

John Agard cleverly uses the layout of lines to convey the idea of limbo, to make it seem as if the word “limbo” is the limbo dancer, and the phrase “is God doing” is the limbo stick.
“I tell you is God doing limbo the man doing limbo”. I found the

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