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Topics: Management, Quality assurance, Quality control Pages: 7 (2358 words) Published: April 8, 2013
What is operations management? What is the importance of operations management? Operations management can be defined as the process that deals with the production of goods and services (Schroeder, Goldstein and Rungtusanatham, 2011). Operations management has always been an important aspect in the manufacturing industry; however times are changing and the role of operations management in the services industry such as hotels, restaurants, banks and retail stores is becoming increasingly important. Operations managers in the services industry are responsible for producing and delivering the supply of services just as much as the manufacturing industry produces and delivers the supply of goods (Schroeder, Goldstein and Rungtusanatham, 2011). The objective of the research was to gain an insight and an understanding of the operations of a service organisation in Port Elizabeth. The Radisson Blu Hotel in Port Elizabeth was selected in which to conduct the research in order to determine the effectiveness of the practical operations of the Radisson Blu, by looking at the following four topics namely, the design of the product or service package, scheduling, improvement and quality control. A two-fold research method was implemented to reach the objective. A study of available literature sources pertaining to the four topics in operations management was undertaken. The second part was an empirical study conducted by means of interviewing the General Manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Port Elizabeth as well as observing, measuring and collecting data about the operations of the Radisson Blu. This research project presented no difficulties whatsoever. Sufficient secondary literature sources were available, and the General Manager interviewed gave his full support and co-operation. Following this will be a literature overview of operations management focusing on the four topics, design of product or service package, scheduling and quality control. This is followed by the empirical study of the operations analysis of the Radisson Blu Hotel covering those four topics.

The hospitality industry, more specifically the hotel industry is a very competitive industry, and in order to succeed, hotels must assure that the quality of their services is adequate to meet the needs of their paying customers (Willborn, 1986). Quality control and assurance is part of the operations of the hotel and is an important management task that needs to be paid special attention to on a daily basis (Willborn, 1986). Used effectively, quality control can become a competitive advantage for the hotel, something that can make an already profitable hotel even more profitable. What exactly is the definition of quality control? Quality control can be defined as ‘meeting, or exceeding, customer requirements now and in the future’ (Schroeder, Goldstein and Rungtusanatham, 2011). This means that the service that the hotel is offering must fit that of the customer, the needs and wants of the customer. 2.1.1 QUALITY ASSURANCE AND AUDITS

The hotel industry has become a business of immense scope, one in which the essence of quality of service falls on the shoulders of the hotel operations manager and his or her individual staff members (Willborn, 1986). Due to advancements in technology, the personal relationship between hotel staff and guests has somewhat deteriorated over the last two decades, however with that said advancement in technology has led to an increase in the quality of service in the long run (Willborn, 1986). A method that has been used to improve quality control and customer satisfaction in the hotel industry is that of quality assurance and audits. Quality management is the planning and control of quality of service in the hotel operations from appearance of the facilities, cleanliness, type of facilities and friendliness of the staff, just to name a few. This planning and control of...
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