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Topics: Marketing, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Hôtel Ritz Paris Pages: 9 (2775 words) Published: February 17, 2012
Executive Summary
This essay looks at the Ritz-Carlton hotel operations, marketing strategies and service qualities. The essay will also include the transformational process model (including inputs and outputs) like shown in the Hospitality Operations A system approach book by Ball et al. (2003), also market segmentation, differentiation and position in the market. The information was obtained from different literature such as academic journals and topic related books.

RITZ-Carlton Operations
By using the transformational process model which is shown below (input-transformation-output) will illustrate the range of operations in Ritz and how they can be described. (The model)

Transformational process model is used to describe the nature of operations. ‘Operations processes take in a set of input resources which are then used to transform something, or are transformed themselves, into outputs of goods and services which satisfy customer needs’. (Slack et al 2001, p.9) By looking at the model, it is seen that the Ritz hotel is a service operation. The inputs to an operation are classified as either – transformed or transforming resources. ‘Transformed resources-are the resources that are treated, transformed or converted. Transforming resources- are the resources that act upon the transformed resources. The output from (and purpose of) transformation processes are products and services. ’ (Slack et al 2001,p.10). The importance of using the transformational process is to, as written by (M.Drljaca, p. 754) Understanding and meeting of guest’s requests,

Need of supervision of business processes in value added conditions; Achieving results of business process in value and their efficiency, and Permanent improvement of business, based on impartial estimation. When analysing the transformational model ‘A systems model of hotel operations’ by Jones, 1996 from hospitality operations A system approach, by Ball, Jones, Kirk & Lockwood, 2003) is very useful model to use in order to give examples about different departments when analysing the transformational process model. •Reservations

Overnight stay
Restaurants and bars
Room service
Business services
Leisure services
(Slack et al 2001, p.31)
Process of reception in Ritz-Carlton will be as follow: The input transformed resources, such as materials will be paper, printer ink, pens etc. The information will be the room availability, room type, room prices also the different services which can be included such as inclusive breakfast, lunch or dinner. The customers will be leisure people, tourists, business men/women etc. The input transforming resources such as facilities at the reception will be the reception desk, computers, telephones, the lounge and table for waiting customers. The staff will be the receptionists. The transformational process will include the analysis of guest’s request, choosing the right accommodation, charging the services and dealing with any other requests. The output of reception process is provision of accommodations to the customers and various information about the services Ritz-Carlton provides. Process of restaurant. The input transformed resources, such as materials will be food. Information will be the number of tables booked, the number of guests which have included meals, the occupancy rate and information of any events in conference and banqueting (C&B). The customers will be leisure people, tourists, business men/women , walk-ins etc. The input transforming resources such as facilities in the restaurant will be tables, chairs, cutlery, plates, glasses etc. The staff will be F&B manager, F&B assistant manager, C&B manager, C&B assistant manager, bar manager, bar assistant manager, F&B, bar and C&B supervisors, waiters/waitresses. The transformational process will include the preparation of food and beverages, the food service, the assistance with tables. The...
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