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Racism; An epidemic of the 21st Century.
Harley Sudell April 2014


Racism is something that is becoming increasingly evident in our society. To accept everyone as equal is fundamental to being an Australian and living in Australia. Australia is a multi-cultural and multi-racial society and for us to live in harmony we all need to see other races and other cultures as our equals.


As a 10 year old Primary Student I see racism first hand when I look around my environment. Examples of racism may be seen in the school playground, on television, in comics and journals and even sometimes amongst my friends.

The fight against racism has been important in the developed world now for many decades. Before the Second World War, racism was seen as almost acceptable. There were many examples throughout the British Commonwealth and in places like India, which was a British Colony, the local people were seen as almost second class citizens by the occupying British forces and there were many examples of the local people being treated as little more than servants.

Ghandi, who was one of the leaders of the Indian people advocated non-violent protest, and eventually achieved a massive swing in public opinion against racism.

We can all do our bit to stop racism, such as joining in with children from other cultures in our playground games and making friends with people of every race irrespective of skin colour, language or beliefs.


Although racism has been a massive worldwide problem, there is currently a massive international move to wiping out racism from every level of our society.
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