To Kill a Mocking Bird, real world and theme

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Theme and the Real World

Racism has a rich and varied history. Though it has changed in the United States to a lesser extreme, it is still present. This horrendous problem causes many more problems within itself; like family strain, arguments or confrontations, and the public view of stupidity.

The strain on a family could be minute or extravagant, there's numerous ways in which it is created. It could be a parent not approving another raced friend or even a family itself being harassed because of their color. Parents who teach their children to pass judgment of other races are the best parents, "I'm glad at an impressionable age my Dad told me of a dumb white cop… telling a smart black woman… she was 'really just a Kaffir.'." (The New York Times) This man, Roger Cohen, grew up to understand how horrible racism is in Africa, as well as Scout did in To Kill A Mockingbird.

But family problems are not the only problems, many problems are out in the public. Heaps of arguments and confrontations have happened because of racism. "… the court appointed him to defend this nigger.'… but Atticus aims to defend him. That's what I don't like about it." (TKAM) Those two men may not be arguing, but the hole city of Maycomb was infuriated from the case of Tom Robinson. Events like Atticus almost being jumped was caused by severe racism, but many worse events could have happened. In today's problems with racism there is the KKK and the Black Panthers, killing anyone that meets the requirements; the wrong color, and school bullying.

Then there is looking at the people who themselves are racist as being stupid. "Racism is stupidity's recourse. There are plenty of stupid people in the world." ( The New York Times) Roger Cohen has basically the same views as Atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird, only they are from different eras "…white men cheat black men everyday… that white man is trash." (TKAM) They both see the men who are racist towards other men to be...
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