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Topics: Management, Employment, Social stratification Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: December 3, 2014
One disadvantage of delegation is that it usually results in the manager losing touch with the status of the work to be accomplished.



________ exists for an employee when his or her manager has an expectation that the job will be performed and has the right to take corrective action if it is not.





Span of control

Ben works on a television assembly line. His job is to do final assembly of the screen for each television that is on the line. The job is quite defined, and he has been highly trained. Ben is most likely supervised using a wide span of control.



Traditionally, authority resides in people and not in positions.



Scenario A

Audra is a new management trainee at Revolutionary Power, a firm that manufactures equipment used in wind technology, a complex and ever-changing industry. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in management and has nearly completed the first management rotation for Revolutionary. She has some questions about how the organization is managed and how the principles of organization structure are used in the company. Audra believes there is too little specialization and that the span of control in the company is not optimal.  

Audra believes that there is too little specialization in the company. Therefore, she appears to favor

Reduced responsibility.

Higher differentiation.

Less coordination.

Greater authority.

More levels in the hierarchy.

Mallory wants to open a retail bakery and imagines that she will employ a staff of about 10 people including bakers and clerks. Mallory should attempt to create a tall rather than a flat organization.



Accountability means the subordinate's manager has the right to expect the subordinate to perform the job, and the right to take corrective action if the subordinate fails to do so.


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