Questionnaire on Federalism x 18may 1

Topics: Federalism, Federal government, India, United States, Federal government of the United States / Pages: 2 (276 words) / Published: May 18th, 2015
Social Science Questionnaire
Class: X
Chapter: Federalism
1. Define federalism. How is federalism different from Federalism?
2. Explain the major features of federalism.
3. What factor decides the exact balance of power between the central government and the state government under the federal system? Explain the major routes adopted in this system.
4. Prove that ‘India is a union of states.’
5. On what principle Indian union is based on? Explain three fold distribution of legislative powers between the union government and the state government.
6. What about the subjects that do not fall in any of the three lists? Mention its significance. 7. ‘Some states enjoy more powers than others.’ Justify the statement with the help of three examples.
8. in what ways judiciary acts as an umpire? Explain.
9. What measures has been adopted by the Indian constitution to meet the dual objective of the federalism.
10. Explain the major tests adopted by the India to practice federalism.
11. How did or political leaders help our country avoid the kind of situation that Sri
Lanka finds itself in?
12. Explain the centre-state relations before and after the year 1990.
13. Era of coalition government further strengthened federalism. Do you agree? Support your opinion with suitable arguments..
14. What do you mean by decentralization? Mention the basic ideas behind its adoption.
15. Explain the major attempts made to materialise the ideology of decentralization.
16. Explain the attempt made to make the third tier of democracy more powerful and effective. 17. How far is the system of decentralization successful?
18. State the difference between the local government before and after the constitutional amendment in 1992.

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