Evalution of Center State Relation in India

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During the British regime, India remind unitary in nature, even though Federal Concept was now and then sought to be introduced for administrative convenience. The seeds of federal idea can be traced back to the decent realization policy of Lord Mayo in 1870.To hold India under its imperial authority, The British had to control it from the centre and ensure that power remained centralized in their hands. The British wanted to bring the Indian states together with the British provinces at the centre I order to stem the rising tide of nationalization in the country.The British Government gave up the federal idea and continued the administration of the centre and gave autonomy to the provinces. The historical background of the centre state relation is based upon the follows:- The Government of India Act 1858

East India company and the parliament executed the first state for the governance of India under the direct rule of the British government.The Act transferred Government of India from the company to the crown. The powers of the crown were to be exercised by the secretary of state for India. The essential features of the system introduced by the Act of 1858 were: a) The administration of the country was not only unitary but rigidly centralized. The territory was divided into provinces with governor or lieutenant- governor. b) There was no separation of function and all the authority for the governance of India’ c) The control of the secretary of state over the Indian Administration was absolute. d) The entire machinery of administration was bureaucratic totally is concerned about public opinion of India. Morely - Minto Reforms-The Council Of India Act 1909

The first attempt at introducing a representative and popular element was made by the Morely-Minto reformswere...
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