Distinguish between federalism, unitary and confedrate goverment

Topics: Federation, Federalism, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (252 words) Published: March 13, 2004
Federalism is a governmental organization in which authority is divided between two sovereign levels of government.



Federalism is a method of government where decision on taxes and education are shared between two political powers and are exercised on two levels of government.

There are several distinguishing deference's between federalist, unitary, and confederation government structures.

Federal states may be created in one of two ways

· Separate political units may decide to join together in a political partnership.

·An existing unitary government may choose to disperse.

In a federal system, each citizen is subject to two governments: the national or federal governments and the regional, state, or local government. The courts or some other impartial body is usually given the power to interpret the conditions of the constitution concerning the political powers of each level.

A single level government for the entire country characterizes a unitary state. There is also no municipal, or local government working without help of the national government unlike the federalist government. An example of a unitary government would be Sweden.

Confederacy is a union in which the states alone are self-governing. The power of the central government is derived from the states. Confederation that is traditional is described as the following:

·Structure is based on centralized command of politics

·Confederate law is superior law

·State borders are fixed or determined by central authority.

Federalist, unitary, and confederation governing structures are distinctly different in several ways. Governments chose to run their country with different methods that work for them.

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