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Topics: Organizational structure, Strategy, New product development, Case study, The Matrix, Subsidiary / Pages: 4 (692 words) / Published: Jun 11th, 2014
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Bella Healthcare India
2012, HBS #4441
STRAT MAGT – Internationalization; product development; “local for local” strategy
UD: 12/12/2012

Overview and Objectives:
The case traces the path taken by an overseas operation from low cost manufacturing to higher value-added activities such as R&D. It asks students to consider the factors driving the evolution and this timing and circumstances that would make it successful. It creates the opportunity to discuss the tensions of designing for marketing vs. designing for manufacturing, the challenges of product development in a cross cultural setting, and the reasons why localized R&D may be successful. vs. adaptation, and the structures and systems built to manage that tension. The case also helps to the diagnosis of the causes of failure of a new product development project, and the sources of challenges of a cross-cultural context. Finally, the case enables students to discuss the “local for local” strategy.

Suggested Questions:
1. What capabilities and resources does a company need to develop new products?

2. Which of these capabilities and resources foes Bella Healthcare India have?

3. Why did Project Baton fail?

4. Should Bella Healthcare India take on project TKO and develop an EKG specifically for the local market?

Coloplast 10 years of global operations
Ivey 2011 # W12101
STRAT MAGT – Internationalization and offshoring activities; matrix structure
UD: 12/12/2012

Overview and Objectives:
The case examines the organizational and managerial challenges involved in offshoring and internationalizing substantial portions of firms’ organizational activities to foreign countries. Students will need to consider the learning journey Coloplast underwent in this process, from managing the reconfiguration to the implementation of a new and complex design. They have to understand the features and challenges of the matrix form as the organizational

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