Question 1: Discuss How You Build Individual Relationship with Your Friends. Relate Your Discussion with Personal Experiences, Concepts and Elements of Interpersonal Communication (E.G. Social Penetration Theory) as

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Assignment Questions & Report Formats
EUT 122/ BUW 122/ UUT 122
SEM 1 SESION 2012/2013

a) Deadline: 6 Nov 2012 ( Isnin/Monday) b) Submit report before Midterm Test and no late submission will be entertained! c) Total Number of Pages: Minimum = 8 pages, Maximum= 10 pages (Excluding Appendices) d) Report must be submitted in MALAY LANGUAGE

FORMAT: i. Font: Times New Roman ii. Size: 12 points iii. Double Spacing iv. A4 Paper

REFERENCES (if any): v. Minimum of 5 references (books, journal, article, academic writing) vi. APA style citation **PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED**


|Question 1 |Dr. Hanum Hassan |White |
|Question 2 |Puan Nor Azizah Hitam |Yellow |
|Question 3 |Encik Hanif Suhairi Abu Bakar |Green |
|Question 4 |Prof. Madya Abdul Aziz Mahmuddin |Sky blue |
|Question 5 |Prof. Dr. Asiah Sarji |Pink |
|Question 6 |Puan Aida Sharmila Wati Wahab |Purple |

E.g. for APA Style Citation:

|Books |B.Aubrey Fisher, Small Group Decision Making: Communication and the |
| |Group Process, 2nd ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980),

References: |Journals |Brown, J. F. (2006). Developing Communicative Competencies for a | | |Learning Organization

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