1) the Difference Between Interpersonal and Mass Communication

Topics: Communication, Media studies, Media Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: February 27, 2013
1) The difference between interpersonal and mass communication is that mass communication is a linear process depends on mechanical or electronically mass medium like television, internet, radio... mass communication address a large and diverse audience, but interpersonal communication is a communication process between a few members or two members a sender and a receiver, in interpersonal communication there is a role-taking and a feedback, but in mass communication there is a lack of immediate feedback and inability to engage in effective role-taking. For example, in our family we have a little rule that every time Me and my sister or even my parent want to go out with our friends or doing something, we have to tell with my grandmother to let she know that we are going out right know; we will go to that place (starbucks or cinema…) and what time we will come back home. If we don’t let she know, she will gets mad and yells when we come home. I think this is an example of kind of communication. 2) Media has a great impact in our society in both our social and professional lives. It affects my personal live with how connect I am globally now. With blogging alone it is possible to know what is going on the other side of the world, and with communication it is possible for people on opposite ends of the world to give feedback on their topic of interest to one another. By connecting Facebook page, I can communicate with my friend or share photo easily even we are living on two difference sides of the world. I can find the information that I never know before through the internet. 3) How revenue streams affect media products; basically put, if purchasing power becomes higher, one's ability to choose from a variety increases as well.
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