Queen Isabella

Topics: Isabella I of Castile, Spain, Christopher Columbus Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: December 9, 2012
A Rightful Queen
Queen Isabella of Castile

Sometimes, not every male born in the royal family is suitable to rule. In the mid 1400’s, Spain’s current rulers, John II and Isabella, had three children, and only one of them was truly fit to lead their country to greatness. Isabella would soon grow up to lead her country into a prosperous time, but only because of her stubbornness and loyalties to her family and her people. Born on the 22nd of April in the year 1451, Isabella was the only daughter born to John II. A revolution soon placed Isabella’s brother, Alphonse, on the throne, but at the tender age of eleven, the boy king soon succumbed to the heavy burden and died in his bed. At that point Isabella’s older brother, Henry, assumed the throne despite the advisors and nobles urging Isabella to take over. Yet Isabella refused, her own decision reigning absolute. “So long as King Henry lives, none other have the right to wear the crown.” Despite being urged into rule, Isabella, as a true respectful leader in her own right, waited until the opportunity was right. Opportunity would soon come for Isabella, however, when her brother King Henry started to seek suitors for her. King Henry arranged for her to marry Carlos, Prince of Viana, but Isabella had set her sights on marrying Ferdinand of Aragon. Her brother did not wish for her to marry this man and had therefore threatened to send her into the dungeon for wanting to do so. When King Henry left on a trip to Andalusia, Isabella promised him not to make plans to marry Ferdinand, but she soon went against her own word and sent out noblemen to find Ferdinand. He was eventually found in Italy and he agreed to come to Spain and marry Isabella. When King Henry heard the news, he was angry that his sister went against his wishes, but the deed was done. In response to this, King Henry made his daughter Joan next in line for the throne, despite previously having Isabella as next. Henry ruled for five...

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