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Isabella I Of Castile

Queen Isabella of Castile Imagine being born into a place renewing and renovating its knowledge. Not only imagine this, but imagine being a part of the royal family. Imagine choosing a suitor, and then imagine being a queen. Now, when you’re imagining these things put yourself in their shoes. Deeply and thoroughly look into all the challenging responsibilities a queen must go through on a daily basis. Queen Isabella of Castile is such a shining prime example of powerful queen ship during the...

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Queen Isabella

Queen Queen Isabella of Castile Sometimes, not every male born in the royal family is suitable to rule. In the mid 1400’s, Spain’s current rulers, John II and Isabella, had three children, and only one of them was truly fit to lead their country to greatness. Isabella would soon grow up to lead her country into a prosperous time, but only because of her stubbornness and loyalties to her family and her people. Born on the 22nd of April in the year 1451, Isabella was the only daughter...

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Queen Isabella of Castille

Los Reyes Católicos; Isabella of Castile Queen Isabella had two brothers – King Henry IV, and Alfonso. Henry was her half brother, and Alfonso was the sole heir – but being too young to rule, Henry took over. Isabella’s father died when she was three. Her mother, Isabella of Portugal, raised her daughter until 1457, when the two children were brought to court by Henry IV to keep them in his rule and out of opposing forces. The peasants and noble forces were trying to get Alfonso the...

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Ferdinand And Isabella

Ferdinand and Isabella Ferdinand and Isabella are a king and queen of Spain in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries that united their kingdom and also supported the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. King Ferdinand was born March 10, 1452 in Sos, Aragon. Queen Isabella was born April 22, 1451 in Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Spain. With Isabella being 18 and Ferdinand being 17, the two married in the year 1469. Together they had 4 daughters and 1 surviving son. When...

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for Spain 1513 12. Ferdinand of Aragon - the king of Castile and Aragon who ruled jointly with his wife Isabella; his marriage to Isabella I in 1469 marked the beginning of the modern state of Spain and their capture of Granada from the Moors in 1492 united Spain as one country; they instituted the Spanish Inquisition in 1478 and supported the expedition of Christopher Columbus in 1492 13. Isabella of Castile - The marriage of Isabella to King Ferdinand of Aragon united Spain and allowed the...

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Unification of Spain

Ugly | Alexis Wilson | The Europeans wanted to expand their minds and their wealth with what the “unknown” world had to “offer”. When I say offer, I mean what they could take and run with without consequence. The Europeans wanted to “expose” and “enlighten” the new world people with their religion. When I say “expose” and “enlighten”, I mean force the new world people to convert to Christianity or they would be slowly tortured to death or burned at the stake. Portugal, one of the all...

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How Did Spain End The First Spanish War?

most powerful being the kingdom of Castile. In the year 1474, Castile’s King, Henry IV passed away leaving the throne unoccupied and open to be seized. While many thought the most obvious and rightful successor to the throne was Henry’s daughter, Joanna la Beltraneja, others had differing opinions as to who should rule Castile. Joanna’s opponent in the fight for the throne was Henry’s half-sister, Isabella, who was ultimately successful in taking the throne of Castile. However simple and succinct this...

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The Rise of Monarchies

and Ferdinand I of Spain. Both the royal families and states they represent are great examples of a new monarch from the time period of 1450 to 1550. Spain exemplifies the key characteristics of a new monarch. It all starts with the centralization of power in Spain towards one royal family. This all starts with the marriage of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile. Before this marriage modern day Spain was fragmented into 4 four separate states, Aragon, Castile, Granada, and...

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Virgin Suicide

convince Ferdinand and Isabella of his intended journey left them with many questions. They did not, however, reject his proposal.3 On the 2nd of August 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to sponsor Christopher Columbus on his voyages; Christopher Columbus wanted to find new trade route, travel from the west to find the east to prove that the world was not flat. The King was reluctant at first, but his Queen, Isabella wanted Christopher Columbus to venture off.4 Isabella thought that Spain...

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The Voyage of Christopher Columbus

American History I 07/08/05 Christopher Columbus' Voyage to North America Spanish exploration first began with a series of revolutions. First, the Commercial Revolution generated economic stability. Second, the Intellectual Revolution generated interest in the Earth's composition and the pursuit of exploration. Europe then called for a political revolution to end the disorganized and disorderly rule of its government. This revolution returned order and stability to the government and renewed...

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