Quality of Emba Program

Topics: Regression analysis, Sampling, Sample size Pages: 13 (3637 words) Published: May 8, 2010
Problem Definition

Background to the problem
Dhaka University's Evening MBA program started in 2002 as an effort to bring the Faculty of Business Studies up to the standard with other private, public and international academic institutions. The program is currently on its 18th batch. Although the University authority started the program almost 8 years ago, there are still doubts among people about the quality of the Evening MBA program offered by the Dhaka University Faculty of Business Studies and many are confused about where this program stands against the MBA program offered by Dhaka University Institute of Business Administration (IBA). So a study was due in this field to determine the quality of the DU evening MBA program. And no one knows about the program better than those who are studying in the program already.

Problem Statement
The problem statement for our research is “The quality of the Evening MBA program in Dhaka University is not very high”. We will be using several statistical theories and tools to test our problem statement and create a model from it and also test the significance of the model.

Approach to the Problem

As our problem statement suggests, our objective of the study is to determine the quality of the Evening MBA program in Dhaka University. Now a product's quality can be easily determined through the use of different quality checks but what determines the quality of an academic program? After looking into some secondary data and taking initial opinion from a small group we have come to conclusion that quality of an academic program is closely related to quality of the learners, the environment the learning process takes place, the teacher, content of the learning program, the process and the outcome of it. Based on these analyses we have come to the conclusion that we will need to develop a survey questionnaire which will be used as our primary data and will include questions relating the above mentioned criteria with the topic in question- quality of the evening MBA program. Based on the data collected we will run regression analysis to develop the model and then use Discriminant analysis to classify the results.

Research Design

A research design should include all the important information about the research process such as type of research done, information needs, data collection, scaling techniques, questionnaire development, sampling techniques and fieldwork.

Type of research
To determine what type of research is needed to be done to achieve our objectives, we have explored different possibilities. First let us revisit our objective- we would like to determine the criteria that form quality of an educational program and then create a model out of it to identify significance of each of the criteria in the model. In other words, we will be determining the effect of some independent variables and determine how they affect the dependant variable. Based on this initial assumption we could say that we are looking into a cause and effect relationship and hence we will be doing a Causal research. However, further probing into the matter made us realize that the most important criteria of a causal relationship is to be able to manipulate the variables and observe their effect on the model, which in our case is not at all possible, neither we will be doing much experimentation. So ours is anything but a causal research. What our research is rather capable of is determine some characteristics relating to the problem in hand and based on primary data and observation develop a model to show an overall relationship. Based on such analysis we have come to the conclusion that a Descriptive research is more appropriate in our case.

Information Needs
For our analysis, at first we needed to know the perception of students about the quality of the evening MBA program. After that we needed their opinion on quality of the students enrolled in the program, students’ perception of the...
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