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To be a successful business it is necessary to have better quality management concepts to maintain customer satisfaction. Quality management concepts give the control and measure the organizational performances in required level. Through internal and external communication can enhanced the set standards to internationally accepted level. These conditions will add more value to the organizational brand image.

Lo 1 different approaches to quality management
1.1 definitions of quality in terms of business and services Quality in terms of businesses and services provision
Quality management is common concept for both production and service organizations as the end result is similar. To have end customer focussed quality concepts and B2B interaction this is the modern trend in globally. By providing necessary service infrastructure and set standards will be able to practice them without creating any confusion. There is an emerging trend through the internet and value chain arrangements with technology developments. After building the trust about the service quality it will be a competitive advantage and unique factor for the organizational success. Quality concept is more often concept for all the organizations in all industries including service organizations. There is no difference of the quality approach based o the ownership such as private limited or government own company. Only consider the necessity of the requirement. Based on the industry and the scale will change the quality requirement. After develop the product or a service to the required quality level can easily advanced the profit margin and generally increases the total revenue.

1.2 processes of inspection and assurance
1.3 range of approaches to quality management
1.4 similarities and differences between the different methods

2.1 customer satisfaction
Quality in terms of customer satisfaction
The quality concept can divided into major two areas as external and internal. The external quality level is mainly focus on the customer satisfaction. This is the most important factor to have lifetime customers and build up the customer loyalty. To satisfy customers it is necessary have better understanding about the customer requirement and the expected quality level compared to other competitors in the market. Internal quality means the actions taking to maintain proper internal operational systems with effective and efficient level by minimizing the expenses and controlling the cost. To enhance the concept it is necessary to implement internal quality culture by using several quality approaches such as Japanese quality concepts (Ki Zen, 5 S, TQM, and Six Sigma) and ISO standards. The major benefit comes to the organization and employees. Also this benefit can pass to the customers and increase customer satisfaction levels. By low cost can control the expected quality levels to have satisfied customers by using well controlled quality concepts.

2.2 continous improvement
2.3 types of added values to be gained
2.4 types of information made available to customers and importance to effective marketing

LO3 range of quality controls and now service to the customers can be improved 3.1 how quality management can be measured
Quality management Measurements
The quality measure is the identification of the quality level into the numeric and specific value indicator. Through these measurements can easily compare the improvement regularly and take preventive actions to reduce the existing quality levels. Also quality measures will direct to find effective methodologies to find advanced quality practices to enhance the quality level. Benchmarking – the existing performance level of the organization can compare with well performing organization which is in the same standards (scale / industry / capacity) to identify the current performance level. Continuous Improvement – the concept to improve the customer satisfaction contentiously...
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