Quality Management and Xerox

Topics: Quality management, Management, Total quality management Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: September 18, 2011
1. What aspects of Xeros’s management practices would support the result they obtained? How do these practices lead to accomplishing the three leadership through quality objectives? 2. Discuss the meaning of quality is a race without a finish line. What is it significance to Xerox, or to any organization?

When facing business threats from competition, Xerox ‘s president David Kearns becomes convinced that Xerox needed a long-range, comprehensive quality strategy as well as a change in its traditional management culture. As a result , Xerox implement the quality management practices and was approached by several Xerox employees about instituting total quality management. Kearns determined that Xerox would initiate a totally quality management approach, that they would like the time to “design it right the first time, “and that the effort would involve all employees. Kearns and the company’s top 25 managers wrote the Xerox Quality Policy, which states: Xerox is a Quality company.

Quality is the basic business principle for Xerox.
Quality means providing our external and internal customers with innovative products and services that fully satisfy their requirement. Quality improvement is the job of every Xerox employee.
This policy led to a process called leadership Through Quality, which has three objectives: 1. To install quality as the basic business principle in Xerox, and to ensure that quality improvement becomes the job every Xerox person. 2. To ensure that Xerox people, individually and collectively, provide our external and internal customers with innovative products and services that fully satidfy their existing and latent requirements. 3. To establish as a way of life management and work process that enable all Xerox people to continuously pursue quality improvement in meeting customer requirement. In addition, Leadership through quality is directed at achieving four goals in all Xerox activities: • Customer Goal: To become an...
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