Qualitative, Quantitative, Subjective and Objective Data

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Data can be defined as two values of levels of measurement (qualitative and quantities). Qualitative and quantitative data form the theory of scales by American psychologist Stanley Smith Stevens. Data can be words, numbers, figures, etc. The document that we are discussing contains many dates, percentages, numbers and words. For this statistical investigation, the document should contain sufficient data backing up statements. This gives the reader acknowledgement that sufficient background research has been done.

“More than a billion mobile phone connections have been added to the global tally…” – this statement contains data in the form of words. An article congaing too many figures can be confusing to the reader. Thus, words can be used to substitute figures. However, this has a weaker effect compared to figures.

The article mentions the number “18”. This is an example of a data type (number) used within a sentence to express value. Numbers can be used to ensure a sound effect.

The text mentions “47%”. This is another example of data used to support arguments, statement, and allegations.

The article mentions “June 2010”. This, like all previous examples of data types, is used to provide backing to statements.

Dates, percentages, words, and numbers are used to provide precise and specific material. If the article were to contain mere words, it would give a broad, generic vibe.

Qualitative, Quantitative, Subjective and Objective Data

Quantitative data is used to describe things, which can be counted or numerically expressed. Quantitative data can be contrasted to qualitative data. Qualitative data is data, which is used to describe things in terms of qualities or categorizations. Qualitative data can be gathered from interviews and surveys. “Ben Wood, mobile phone analyst at BBC Insight said the mobile phone may be "the most prolific consumer device on the planet"” – This is an...
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