QSEN KSAS Competencies

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Definition: Recognize the patient or designee as the source of control and full partner in providing compassionate and coordinated care based on respect for patient’s preferences, values, and needs. Knowledge

Integrate understanding of multiple
dimensions of patient centered



Elicit patient values,

Value seeing health care

preferences and expressed

situations “through patients’

needs as part



Respect and encourage

of clinicalinterview,
preferences, values
coordination and integration of care implementation of care

information, communication, and

values, preferences and


physical comfort and emotional

involvement of family and friends

planand evaluation of care

individual expression of patient

Communicate patient values, expressed needs
preferences and expressed

Value the patient’s expertise

needs to other members

with own health and symptoms

transition and continuity

of health care team

Seek learning opportunities

Describe how diverse cultural,

Provide patient-centered care with patients who represent all

ethnic and social backgrounds

with sensitivity and respect

aspects of human diversity

function as sources of patient,

for the diversity of human

Recognize personally held

family, and community values


attitudes about working with
patients from different ethnic,
cultural and social
Willingly support patientcentered care for individuals
and groups whose values differ
from own

Demonstrate comprehensive

Assess presence and extent

Recognize personally

understanding of the concepts

of pain and suffering

held values and beliefs about

of pain and suffering, including

Assess levels of physical and the management of pain or

physiologic models of pain and

emotional comfort



Elicit expectations of patient

Appreciate the role of the nurse

& family forrelief of pain,

in relief of all types and

discomfort, or suffering

sources of pain or suffering

Initiate effective treatments to Recognize that patient
relieve pain and suffering in

expectations influence

light of patient values,

outcomes in management of

preferences and expressed

pain or suffering

Examine how the safety, quality

Remove barriers to presence Value active partnership with

and cost effectiveness of health

of families and other

patients or designated

care can be improved through the designated surrogates based surrogates in planning, active involvement of patients and on patient preferences

implementation, and evaluation


Assess level of patient’s

of care

Examine common barriers to

decisional conflict and

Respect patient preferences for

active involvement of patients in

provide access to resources

degree of active engagement

their own health care processes

Engage patients or

in care process

Describe strategies to empower

designated surrogates in

Respect patient’s right to

patients or families in all aspects

active partnerships that

access to personal health

of the health care process

promote health, safety and


well-being, and self-care
Explore ethical and legal

Recognize the boundaries of

Acknowledge the tension that

implications of patient-centered

therapeutic relationships

may exist between patient


Facilitate informed patient

rights and the organizational

Describe the limits and

consent for care

responsibility for professional,

boundaries of therapeutic patient-

ethical care

centered care

Appreciate shared decisionmaking with empowered
patients and families, even
when conflicts occur

Discuss principles of effective

Assess own level of


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