Qatar and Fifa World Cup 2022

Topics: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Qatar has been become one of the well-known countries on Gulf area. Qatar is trying to be the top country that has all the facilities in it. As we all know that Doha has been chosen to have the World cup 2022, for that reason everyone is happy and waiting to this huge occurrence. However, World cup 2022 is also an important issue that questions what will happen to Qatar after having the world cup 2022? What are the negatives impacts that will effect on Qatar and Qatari people? If we are trying to answer these questions then, we will observed that Qatar will be facing many problems like traffics jams, alcohol will be in allowed in everywhere and number of citizens will rise. The most important argument of all is that World cup 2022 will be the main reasons of increasing the traffic jams. Here in Qatar there is lack of good public transportation. We don't use any of the public transportation such as bus; also we don’t have any of other transportations so that can reduce the traffic jams similar to trains or subways. As we identify that Qatar is the second smallest country in Gulf after Bahrain, after having all this amount of people traffic jams will increase and the number of accidents will be also increase. This may cause rising number of death in the future, which we all worried to happen. Secondly, after World cup 2022 lots of things will be changed. As we all know that alcohol are not allowed here in Qatar, nevertheless, it may be only in some five stars hotels. However, it will be in everywhere after this event occurs. The reason why alcohol will be acceptable is that the number of people from outside the country increased and if they are drink then for sure they will search for those places that selling alcohol. The ability of selling alcohol in Qatar will growth then, every place will be selling the alcohol in order to respond to what people want. This will annoy people lifestyle and will be unsafe for some Qatari teenagers. Alcohol may change the...
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