Push It to the Limit

Topics: Nutrition, Soldier, Military Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Magazine Description: The title of my magazine is Push it to the Limit. Anyone can benefit from it but it is more for people entering the military. The things I want people to get out of my magazine is that anyone overweight that is trying to enter the military force will be in better shape, and become more aware of what they eat. My intended audience is serious because I want my fellow readers to realize that our military needs to accept more people who are physically prepared and my magazine will help prepare upcoming soldiers to be ready for battle on field and not be lazy. My advertisers are junk food and caffeinated drinks. Making Moves to the Top

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine where I get to read current events, sports results, and most importantly, to see my competition. But as I read the last article about a football game I came across Shouts & Murmurs, a section within the magazine. “Heavy Artillery” by George Saunders caught my eye, and I wanted to publish it in my magazine Push It to the Limit. All of my coworkers except one approved of my proposal. Publishing “Heavy Artillery” would be advantageous for Push It to the Limit because the purpose of my magazine is to physically prepare people before entering in the military force. Saunders is showing throughout the article how the soldiers were unfit, lazy, and had poor diet. Therefore, my magazine will help prevent any of these down falls. “Heavy Artillery’s” intended audience is humorous, also known as a satire. The article soldier started to complain about having back spasms and his calves were burning. A couple of soldiers were getting tired of walking up the hill, so two of them went behind a boulder and refreshed themselves with a diet coke. After their little break they continued up the hill, but started to become extremely tired worse the then the last time. The soldiers gave up after many attempts going up the hill. They sat down and refreshed themselves with...
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