They Things They Carried. Explication

Topics: Mind, Army, Thought Pages: 3 (1280 words) Published: October 29, 2009
Life in a Warzone
Reading the short story “The Things they carried,” by Tim O Brien, creates a mesmerizing image of a war zone. It describes the tough war times for American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War. The story is a literary portrayal of the material and mental pressures on the soldiers, who strive to survive physically and mentally in the war. “The things they carried” talks about how heavily equipped are American Soldiers, and how a group of them carried numerous tools and weapons as war materials. It presents the environment of Lieutenant Jimmy Cross and fellow soldiers. They used to be loaded with survival goods and weapons all the time during Vietnam War. They carried all possible equipments such as toothbrushes, lighters, chewing gum, food rations, and personal bibles to M-16s, mine detectors, and more or less sophisticated weapons and ammunition. They carried tremendous weights of various massively heavy and calculably light resources. Lieutenant Cross and his associates were also aware of the burden of weight they carried as mentioned in paragraph 12 “They carried all they could bear, and then some, including a silent awe for the terrible power of things they carried.” Behind the fascinating description of the equipment the soldiers carried in Vietnam. There is tough exchange of emotional energies around Lieutenant Cross and his soldiers. The war atmosphere is devastating, and soldiers are going through a torment living up to it. Troops get tired physically and mentally fighting in the dirty war setting. Explained in paragraph 39 “They carried lice and ringworm…They carried the land itself-Vietnam, the place, the soil-a powdery orange-red dust that covered their boot, their fatigues and faces,” portrays that the soldiers would get tired and dirty because of the extremely tough surroundings. Furthermore, this statement also signifies some pain that the soldiers felt while they did their job. The soldiers had strong...
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