Purpose of a Literature Review

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Purpose of a Literature Review
- to identify what has already been done/found, in relation to the research topic that is being studied and answers the question of what needs to happen next. - provide a brief overview of research you've read.

- Demonstrate that you understand the topic and have significant knowledge within the field of study and then make a case. - Making a case may be an analysis of research, study, or conceptual argument. - Also, be sure to include a persuasive argument.

- At the end of a literature review you should identify a gap or misinterpretation within the information (identify and explore the gap). - My approach to writing this literature review was somewhat similar to the writing of a "regular" essay. I've used this approach in past assignments I've completed including such as a narrative and an annotated bibliography. They all have similar characteristics. Thank goodness for this! It gives me an idea of where to start. I believe these common characteristics are the main subject of the piece of writing and evidence/textuality of your point from other readings. Textuality is using pieces of writing from other works to support your points. Beware, though these essays may serve as a guide, they also have many differences. - What should you do next? *Ponders*

- Information! Information! Information! Be resourceful, support your claims, justify your answers. - It is important that you do this in the correct way.
- My greatest advice would be to ask your professor for a peer review guide and use it as you write. This will ensure that your writing is clear, organized, flowing, and well-written. If you feel as though you cannot do this for yourself, I'd suggest having someone else read your literature review aloud. - Dailyn's essential steps to writing a literature review; these are my own ideas so I have no proof if they actually worked until I recieve feedback. I'm hoping I pulled this...
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