Public Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City

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Pitfalls from various kinds of personal transportations

Transportation in developing countries, including Vietnam, is always an important and current problem. How to apply the most effective method in transportation in order to minimize the cost, maximize the benefits for government and citizens and not hamper the environment is not easy. This problem needs a thorough process and the alignment of both government and citizens to the best solution. Every day, people need or have to go outdoors to do their activities in order to earn money, to come to school or for other affairs. None of us can stay at home and still have everything done. The question is which means of transportation they choose to use: biking, walking, motorbike or automobile? Each of means of transportation has its advantages, however, barriers also exist and everyone can easily see them.

Firstly, in the case that you choose walking, it seems to be good and you can be healthier if you do it usually; moreover you can spend your time during your walk to understand the daily lives in cities. These are the good sides of walking, but how about the other side? If you are busy employees and you want to save your time as much as possible, you should consider not using this means. Walking makes you tired all the time. Imagine that every morning, you begin a new day with a long and dusty walk to work, it would be terrible. You can think that walking can help you prevent from traffic jam, but have you ever thought that you would have unpredictable accidents in some moments of being not concentrated when crossing the high way? Your walking maybe depends on the weather. If it is too hot or too rainy, will you walk to work?

Biking, secondly, is a bit better than walking. It is just because this means of transportation can help you save more time than the previous one. However, biking has the same barriers as walking. Biking is suitable for a trip around the city if you are free from work. One foreseeable difference between biking and walking is that biking is affected by traffic jam more than walking.

The more popular means of transportation are motorbike and automobile. Nowadays, millions of motors and autos daily appear on the road and it is obvious that our environment will be bad day by day due to exhaust fumes from them. What is the main cause traffic-jam? A large number of motors and autos along with the inefficient in transportation projects lead to this existent and urgent matter. People often think that they can save their time from home to office so that they have to get up early and come to work when there is less motors and autos. It is so inconvenient. Moreover, you also have to pay for the fuel when you use motors or auto. This can take from you a substantial amount of money in the economic crisis and inflation. Using motors means that you have to take more care for yourself during the time you travel on the road. Annually, death rate of Vietnamese people due to traffic accidents is incredible. The reasons are the unawareness of people when participating in traffic, low civil responsibility, typically breaking the traffic law.

However, if we want to reach an agreement that those transportation types are not beneficial enough to citizens in Vietnam, we should verify better yields from using public transportations. Fortunately, it is not difficult to realize them.

Benefits of public transportations
People who live in rural or suburban areas often have the option of public transportation, at least for the daily commute to work. There are many advantages to using public transportation. Because many citizens in Vietnam are passengers on any public vehicle at least once, those benefits are probably recognized by individuals, such as lower travelling costs, convenience and environmental positive effects.

Reducing cost is what most people concern while making choices, and travelling costs are typical enough. If you compare the cost of gas,...
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