Public School vs Private School

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There are different types of education that a student may receive in today’s society. The choices are narrowed down into two main categories, public and private school. Many people in today’s society believe it’s better to send their children to private schools rather than public schools. To most parents deciding which school system will be better is based on curriculum, class size, and most of all cost. It’s not an easy choice for parents to decide, but many parents feel their child is worth receiving the best education offered.

The quality of teaching and the expectations of the students differ from the two schools. Advocates of private school argue that the education received in one of these facilities is more valuable and rewarding than any other scholastic opportunity. Private schools often have better grades and test scores with an above standard curriculum. On the other hand, supporters of public schools feel that the students are better-rounded, both scholastically and worldly, when in public schools. Generally public schools have a superior variety of classes to choose from due to the larger more diverse student population; however private schools tend to offer more honors and advanced classes then public schools. As a public school graduate, I feel that I have been exposed to all types of diversity and situations that have made me better adapted for the real world.

The amount of students enrolled in private schools is significantly less than that of public schools. A private school has the option of not allowing enrollment of a potential student for one reason or another. This being the case, private schools will usually have smaller classes. Smaller classes mean more one-on-one time between teacher and student. Some parents feel this is indicative with a better education. Public schools do not have the luxury of choosing their students. A public school has to let anyone living in the school district enroll there. Because of this, class...
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