Funding of Public Schools

Topics: High school, Public school, Education Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: December 5, 2005
Public education in the United States is a very important aspect. It is the education that is offered to our children to hopefully create a better future. Being that we are a country that offers education to anyone who enters the states. Public education has built a great deal over the years for the better. A family now that would have never been able to afford a private school can send their children to get a highly similar education.

For the government to have funds and use it towards public education is a very positive direction. Being that the children of today are the next generation of masterminds. Without decent education great minds would never be uncovered, and children would never be able to exceed to their highest capability.

Parents nowadays that send their children to state schools have little information on what's going on with government funding. What they do not realize is that private schools and state schools pay the same amount to educate each student. Private schools pay as much as state schools but with more money in the end of these expenses. With this extra funds that private schools take in they are able to offer better clubs, more highly intelligent teachers, and better school activities.

For example a private school that wants to offer an after school tutoring program can do it much easier. As oppose to a state school that would have to first view the funds and make sure they can afford the extra pay that they would be giving out. Another aspect is cafeteria food; state schools do not receive quality food as do private schools. Private schools offer a larger choice and a healthier menu; state school children have a much smaller choice.

Funding should be distributed in a very different manner they should go hand in hand with its responsibilities. It is more likely for children with physical and mental disabilities to enter public schools. Which takes up a little more funds then the average student, also what about the children...
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